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   Please Read

Here you will find decorative objects that I have re-colored. All objects will go into your "MyDocuments\ EAGames \The Sims 2\ Downloads" folder. All objects have been done by me using the SimPE Wizard. If you see them anywhere else, it is purely coincidental or they have copied it from me.

The re-colors are of in-game objects only. To see the re-colors, click on the name of the object to the right that you want to see and you will be taken to the page where you can scroll through the re-colors. You may need the Ep's "University" and "Nightlife" for some of the objects for they are the EP's I have...that and I can't remember which object came with which game.

If you have a slow connection the pages may take a bit to load. There are lots of images on them. Also, as you move your mouse over the thumbnails, the lager image may take a second to load.

That said, start browsing and downloading.