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No longer available.

No longer available.
  Welcome To SIMply Jstmel !

Here you will find some re-colors for "The SIMs" and "The SIMs 2" as well as some movies I have made and information on other games I enjoy. Feel free to download any of the objects you like. Don't forget to check out my "Movies" page as well.

Please note, all the re-colors are in "rar" format. If you do not have WinRar, you can download it here. It is a trial version, but should still work after the trial period expires.


  What's New Here

December 20, 2006

Wow, it's been a long time since I have done anything to my site...I have added some new downloads for TS2 and TS. Check the "Downloads" page.

Things around here have been hectic...not just because of the holidays, but also because I have gotten a promotion at work and it seems like I never have a day off.

It is currently 3pm and I have been sitting in front of my computer since 9am this morning. I am taking full advantage of having today off from work and will most likely not get up from here until it is time for dinner or bed...which ever comes first...giggle. I already ate lunch here at my desk...but I am not sure if my girlfriend will let me eat dinner here and not out in the other part of the house with her. (she wasn't home at lunchtime)

Anyways, check out the new things I put up and feel free to download. See ya!


October 1, 2006

Happy October to all!

If you have been here before, you will see things have changed a bit. I was a little bored with my old site so I decided to give it a bit of a face-lift. I hope you like the new changes.

I have added a few movies here that I don't have at sims99. Don't forget to check them out on the Movies page. I am currently working on some re-colors for both SIMs and SIMs 2. Keep your eyes out for them. I also have two new movies in the works. (One made with "TS2" and the other with "Morrowind") Watch out for them as well.

Well, enough from me for now. Browse around and enjoy!


Here is where you can get a few re-colored items for your SIMs games.



As you look around, you may see some things aren't quite working. I am still in the process of constructing this site. Keep checking back though. Your next visit may reveal some goodies.

Mel :o)